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                                      HISTORY REINVENTED

                                 After winning the i2i grant,
                                 AKAL Chai Rum, under the
                                 stewardship of Kiran & John
                                 went on to be rated at 95 points
                                 by WSWA. It won “The Best
                                 Cocktail” in an open competi-
                                 tion at the Taste of ST Croix
                                 2016 under the eye of St Cru-
                                 cian, Franklin Robinson.

                                 AKAL Chai Rum also secured
                                 a global strategic partnership
                                 with Northrop and Johnson and
                                 is dubbed “The Official Rum
                                 of Superyachts”. In 2016-2017
                                 AKAL Chai Rum was invited to
                                 partner with the Rolls Royce
                                 owners club of America for
                                 their 65th anniversary.

                                 This is a story of progress and
                                 of triumph over expectation. It
                                 is a story that has just begun.
                                 As nearly all Caribbean rum
                                 companies are acquired by
                                 huge multinational corpora-
                                 tions around the world, we are
                                 guided by an ethos of being
                                 genuine and assuming the re-
                                 sponsibility of shaping a part of
                                 our centuries-old heritage. Our
                                 unique approach to rum writes
                                 a new chapter on the back of
                                 our lived and shared history.

                                 We invite you to be bold and
                                 daring. Experience the most
                                 sophisticated rum in the world
                                 - the world distilled in a glass.
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