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Akal Chai rum is the world’s
                                   most sophisticated ultra
                                   premium rum. For the first
                                   time ever, it brings the tea
                                   master's craft, the art of
                                   the parfumier and distillers
                                   skill together in a seamless
                                   marriage of disciplines and

                                   High altitude, single estate
                                   teas from India are precise-
                                   ly combined with aromatic,
                                   tropical botanicals & limit-
                                   ed reserve West Indies rum,
                                   aged in bourbon barrels.
                                   The process is a trade se-
                                   cret & has been recognized
                                   as the first true innovation
                                   in rum production (Govern-
                                   ment of Trinidad & Tobago-
                                   “Ideas to innovation”).

                                   Production takes place
                                   across three regions of the
                                   world- India, Europe and
                                   the West Indies, the em-
                                   bodiment of a second “Age
                                   Of Discovery” through the
                                   senses - The world distilled
                                   in a glass.
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