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             Kiran Akal                    John Fleming

          With a creative career          Creativity and a diverse
          that includes work for the      range of interests define
          governments of France           John. Trained as a PAC in
          (Bastille Day) and Spain        the field of spinal surgery
          (World’s Fair); Consulting      John has designed medi-
          at Walt Disney and a            cal devices which provide
          writer/ artist agreement        solutions to specific prob-
          with Time Warner, Kiran         lems in this area. He has
          was recognized as one           written a children’s book
          of the 100 most creative        in his spare time which is
          people in FL 2012. He           due out soon. John co-
          is also the winner of           designed a unique, por-
          the Design Star of the          table architectural building
          Americas award from             which was successfully
          DCOTA in 2013. Kiran            constructed in Trinidad.
          holds a degree in Medicine
          from Ireland.
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