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         Sean Iglehart                 Vidia Doodnath

     Sean has been in the food      Vidia has been described
     and beverage industry for      as one of the “legends” of
     over 12 years. He has          the Spirit industry in the
     worked every possible          West Indies. With over 38
     position in a restaurant       years of experience at the
     from the ground up. With       House of Angostura, she
     pure ambition, diligence,      has held positions during
     and above all curiosity, he    her tenure that have
     harnesses old ideas and        seen her rise from Chief
     creates new experiences.       Chemist and Manager of
                                    Blending Operations all the
                                    way to Executive Director
     He comes from a design/
                                    of Technical Operations for
     branding background with
                                    the Angostura Group of
     a degree in digital media.
                                    companies. This included,
     His creativity has assisted
                                    the distilling operations,
     in many ways in the
                                    packaging operations,
     hospitality world. He has
                                    facility maintenance
     worked on both virtual
                                    and ISO certification.
     and material marketing
     and presentation design.
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