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           EAST AND WEST - THE AGE       culture, they worked for
                 OF DISCOVERY            pennies. European colonizers
                                         were roving the world in
          Sugar (“Saccharum”) has its    search of exotic products
          origins in South East Asia.    to add to the tea, coffee and
          But, it was in the West Indies   spices already being traded
          that rum distilled from mo-    with the East. In the late 17th
          lasses replaced “ASAVA”, an    century, it was Dutch sailors
          ancient, beer like brew, made   who recorded the delight of
          from the cane juice in Asia.   adding rum to tea.

          East Indians brought from      AKAL Chai Rum is a novel,
          India to work in the cocoa     ultra-premium spirit. By
          and sugar cane fields          virtue of the process used
          after the emancipation of      to make it, it is arguably the
          slavery (1838) met a hostile   only new rum created in the
          environment. In a strange      last 100 years. Highly rated
          land with little or no care    at 95 points by WSWA in the
          for their civilization or their   United States, it reflects a fur-
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