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Research Institute (CARIRI).   coming off the laboratory
          A rum with a distinct          benches. Eagerly sharing
          formula and sophisticated      stories of creativity and
          process, the goal. With the    invention the topic of
          help of master distiller Vida   conversation eventually
          Doodnath who worked at the     turned to the new and
          time for Angostura Trinidad,   innovative rum. Without
          AKAL Chai Rum was created.     realizing it, this modern rum
          The final formula used two     story was coming full circle
          types of high altitude, single-  on an association between
          estate, Indian tea and over    the Caribbean spirit and
          15 tropical botanicals. The    Massachusetts. This time,
          process is a closely guarded   things would be as radically
          trade secret.                  different as the new rum
                    FACTOR               John and Kiran’s creative
                                         rapport turned into a collab-
          Kiran Akal met John Fleming    orative journey that would
          in Florida in 2012. John       change the final part of rum’s
          hailed from Massachusetts,     story. Its style of service.
          and Chai Rum was just
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